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Two Options To Manage Your GI Health.

Personal Use

With Your Mobile Device

Use our academically researched and validated tools to gain control over your symptoms. Assess, track, and compare your symptoms to benchmarks, and learn more about them from an Education Prescription©.

Clinical Use

Connecting Healthcare Professionals To Patients

Working with experts in patient communication and computing technology, doctors at Cedars-Sinai, the University of Michigan and UCLA have re-engineered the role of technology in clinical practice.

MyGiHealth Mobile App

Designed by Doctors : Expert Tools to Assess and Monitor Your GI Symptoms

Take control
We are here to help you take control of your GI symptoms today!
Take control
We are here to help you take control of your GI symptoms today!
Take the test
Academically researched and verified GI questionnaires ask the right questions to assess your symptom severity.
We can help
Handy reminder tools will help you remember to log your symptoms.
Track your GI symptoms and get feedback about your progress.
The app builds a customized Education Prescription© based on the information YOU provide, empowering you with the best tools available to take control of and manage your symptoms.
How do you compare?
Understand the severity of your symptoms compared to others just like you.
My Report
The app creates easy-to-understand charts that show the changes in your GI symptoms.
Tell your story
Convert your symptoms into a doctor-grade report in case you need help. Contribute your story to the most detailed research database of GI symptoms ever constructed.

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Dialogue Between

Doctors and Patients

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